Up to 1,000


$ 75

per month

Get me started!

1,001 - 5,000


$ 150

per month

Light this candle!

5,001 - 15,000


$ 250

per month

I'm ready!

15,001 - 30,000


$ 350

per month

Make it happen!

More than 30,000 records?

Wow - that's impressive! Give us a call at 1-800-767-5688, or click below to let us know the number of records in your system. We'll work with you on a price that's fair and negotiable.

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How to order


* Pricing tier is based on the total number of constituent records in your database. An implementation fee includes site set-up, initial training session, and import/conversion of existing contacts starting at $300. A 5% surcharge will be added for clients choosing to pay monthly, rather than annually.

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Benefits of Charityproud

Charityproud isn't just a database software, there is an entire team behind the product working to make your experience enjoyable from start to finish. Beginning with migrating and cleaning your data to long-term support, we are here to help every step of the way.

Data conversion and import

Our staff will work with your records to find duplicate entries, identify incomplete information, and make sure every field translates to your new system with ease.

Fully inclusive CRM system

You will never pay more for new features, upgrades, or maintenance. Everything currently available and in the pipeline is included in one affordable price.

Reliable support

Our support team is ready to answer questions, and guide you through making the most of your new system.

Easy account scaling

As your organization and number of records grow, your account automatically moves to the next tier. No switching systems, no down time, no hassle.

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