Fully Inclusive CRM System

Your CRM (customer relationship management) system is more than just a database - it's your toolbox full of resources to help you build the strength of your organization through donations and support. Charityproud incorporates tools that we hear are must-haves and wish-list items for a CRM.

  • Donation management
  • Event planning
  • Merged mailings
  • Searching and reports

Easy to Learn and Use

We want you to be able to use Charityproud to its full potential, without having to crack a code to open certain features. Anyone in your organization can sit down and get to work without extensive training or headaches. This is why we've chosen to streamline our functions, with minimal clicks, and easy-to-understand next steps.


Smart Recall

Smart Recall

When you begin entering text in a field, Charityproud will recognize and recall it for you instantly.

Quick Keyword Search

Quick Keyword Search

Type in part of a name and see a summary of a constituent, his/her donations and pledges.



Whenever you open up a new section of a record, new functions appear on the left sidebar with opportunities to add more details.

User Management

User Management

Identify which groups will be using your system, and give each group different user rights based on constituency.


Cloud-based and Secure

Charityproud can be accessed anywhere - making it easier to use on the road, at a meeting or from home. Under the Charityproud security umbrella, all of your confidential information is for your eyes only.

  • IP Address Permissions
  • Real-time system doesn't require synchronizing with another database
  • Encrypted sensitive data
  • Importing and exporting your data is a breeze
Stay up-to-date with Charityproud

Stay up-to-date with Charityproud

Subscribe to the Charityproud mailing list to receive advance information about new features, newsletters, and events to help your organization grow.


Personalized Dashboards

Several dashboards provide information about constituent giving history, campaign progress, and the overall state of the organization compared to the previous fiscal year. Our goal is to save you time by analyzing the data you need quickly, and having it at your fingertips.

Watch a quick video demonstrating the advantages of Charityproud's dashboards.

Video Length: 1 min 14 sec

  • Donor and Dollar retention statistics versus the previous fiscal year
  • Donation and Campaign progress timelines and snapshots
  • Analyze projected goals versus cash received and pledged donations
  • Examine the funds to which an individual donor has contributed
  • Task reminders, and overdue pledge installment alerts
  • Export dashboard graphs and statistics directly to PDF files for quick presentations
Advanced Implementation, Training and Support

Implementation and Support

We know migrating to a new system can be scary, expensive and time consuming. Charityproud offers a cost-effective migration program that will get you up and running in no time. We'll even help you clean up all of that dirty data that's been taking up space. After your record migration is complete, our product team will be with you every step of the way as your team gets familiar with Charityproud and all it can do.

  • Reliable, timely and personal customer support
  • Demos and trainings with our product management team
  • Quick, painless migration
  • Duplicate data cleanup included, along with support for data import
Screenshots of Charityproud