Constituents, Donors and Relationships

Constituent Management

Your constituents are at the core of your organization, and Charityproud can help you manage their engagement easily and thoroughly so you can make the most of your data. Select from a variety of actions from within the constituent record without having to click through multiple screens.

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  • Dashboards provide a convenient overview of each constituents' status
  • Track mailings, touchpoints, volunteer work, and events where a constituent has participated
  • Import and export data easily
  • Charge credit cards directly from constituent records
  • Discover relationships among your constituents to find new opportunities for appeals


Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Charityproud's Custom Field feature lets you create unique data points throughout the software to ensure you capture all of the important information your organization needs.

Duplicate Finder

Duplicate Finder

Keeping your data clean, and your costs down, Charityproud’s Duplicate Finder helps you find and remove redundant contact data so that each contact has one, and only one record.


WealthEngine API Integration

The integration between Charityproud and WE's world-class wealth intelligence platform, offers you direct access to more than 40 WE data elements and proprietary wealth scores and ratings – providing the information you need to segment and raise your fundraising efforts to the next level.

  • Access complete wealth profiles on all your clients and prospects
  • Identify individuals worth pursuing
  • Prioritize prospecting efforts, saving time and resources
  • Create reports and effectively segment your target audience


Real-time data


The WE API allows Charityproud users access to wealth data on existing and new records in real-time.

Direct from donor profile

Access from donor

Submit batch screening right from Charityproud and gain access to full WE appends on your donor file.

Donations, Gifts and Pledges

Donation & Pledge Tracking

Receiving funding for your organization should be an easy and smooth transaction, and Charityproud makes this a snap.

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  • Track matching gifts and soft credits
  • Use batches to make entering lots of donations quick and simple
  • Integrate with many payment gateway systems, like EpicPay, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Beyond, etc.
  • Integrate with either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop
  • Receive questions and messages from your donors through your online donation form
  • Manage split gifts, and non-gifts


Accept Donations Online

Accept Donations Online

Make it easy for your donors to give by configuring your own donation webpage to accept gifts online instantly.

Recurring Gifts with Autopay

Recurring Gifts with Autopay

Charityproud can automatically bill donors monthly, quarterly, yearly, or on a custom schedule that you configure.

Special Features

Special Features

Charityproud’s depth of unique features set it apart from other fundraising and CRM systems, helping you take full advantage of your staff to find new avenues to raise more money.

  • User rights groups help you control who can see and interact with information in your database
  • IP restrictions let you determine who can login, and from where
  • Dashboard notifications let you remind your staff of upcoming events, goals, or special dates


Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Let your constituents create and configure their own online donation forms, and leverage the power of their own network of friends and family to widen your constituent base rapidly.

Grant Seekers

Grant Seekers

Organize all of your grant applications, and assign tasks to ensure they’re completed and submitted quickly and efficiently.



Create an online registration form for volunteers to sign up on the web, then easily keep track of activities, schedules, and attendance.

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Grant Funders

Grant Funders

Set up review committees to evaluate all of the applications you’ve received, and track tasks so your grants are awarded to the best recipients.

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Campaigns and Events

Campaigns & Events

Each initiative your organization creates to support a fund is managed in Campaigns, which are linked across the Charityproud platform.

There are so many balls to juggle when planning an event. Use Charityproud to stay organized with your budget, guests and tasks so you can focus on executing its purpose successfully.

  • Easily create an infinite number of Campaigns to support your various funds
  • Manage event budget and goals, and coordinate event tasks
  • Register attendees for different components of an event, or allow them to register online
  • Track fund distributions for accurate accounting


Track donations toward a campaign goal


Subdivide your main campaigns into mini-campaigns, encouraging donors to give to distinct groups of people, ideas, or causes that your nonprofit supports.

Customize specific funds

Event Logistics

From invitations to table seating, and volunteers to guests, use Charityproud to stay organized and streamline many aspects of your next big event.

Stay up-to-date with Charityproud

Stay up-to-date with Charityproud

Subscribe to the Charityproud mailing list to receive advance information about new features, newsletters, and events to help your organization grow.

Electronic and Print Communication


Why use multiple programs to run reports and merge documents when you can do it all in one place? Charityproud helps you create your emails or PDFs, search your recipients based on a wide variety of criteria, and merge the two together seamlessly.

  • Easily retrieve any email and letter merged for any contact
  • Generate Tax Receipts and Thank You letters--in many cases automatically
  • Prepare and send pledge reminders
  • Send emails to your volunteers leading up to, or following their volunteer event


Constant Contact/MailChimp

Constant Contact / MailChimp

Integrate with your Constant Contact or MailChimp account, and transfer your constituent records directly to your external mailing lists.

Advanced recipient search

Advanced recipient search

Select from Constituent, Donation and Pledge criteria to create your recipient lists and export fields, quickly and easily.

Write custom documents with merge tags

Write custom documents with merge tags

Create as many templates as you would like, and choose from dozens of merge fields to pull data from your constituent records.

Send email or postal mail acknowledgements

Send email or postal mail acknowledgements

Easily search based on acknowledgement status, then choose to send directly via email, or export the merged documents with envelopes.



We've put all of your most frequently run reports in one place that you can generate with one click. As a cloud-based system Charityproud provides real-time reporting capabilities and updates reports in a flash. Our Advanced Search lets your run lists of records based on most fields in our system.

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  • Report on date ranges, donor levels, top donors, LYBUNT and SYBUNT, overdue pledges, and more
  • Report on foundation grant and campaign progress during the fiscal year
  • Report on Event Registrations, Attendees, and Volunteer Hours


Reports for new donors and top donors

Dynamic Reports

Have a unique reporting requirement? Charityproud's Dynamic Report module lets select your own custom criteria, then view on screen, or export to PDF or spreadsheet.

Real-time reporting

Advanced searching, made easy

Searching for constituents in the same city, donations by solicitor, or pledge balances are some of the ways to look at your segmented data.

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